Natural Onyx Slabs

Honey stone. It smells warm and sweet. Believe us!

950 Stone feature%
Water absorption percent0.17
Dry Uniaxial Compressive Strength950 kg/cm2

onyx slab

Onyx slab stone is geologically marble, which is called different limestone or Marble and Onyx. From a commercial point of view , it is called marble and it is a combination of metamorphic limestone and dolomite. In general, onyx stone can be considered one of the best marble stones through which the light passes due to its beautiful and attractive effect, and today, due to this feature, it has become one of the best stones uses in the interior decoration of buildings.  Here, we will introduce you to  Onyx slab stone and its use and types.

What Is Onyx Slab?

Onyx stone is one of the rare and precious stones, which is widely used in architecture and interior decoration of building due its ability to transmit light. Onyx slabs are mostly the walls of the lobby of the building or large walls inside the house, which create a unique effect in the decoration of the building with proper lighting. It is noteworthy that onyx stone cannot be used in the exterior design of the building because onyx stones are not very resistant to weather changes and temperature changes.

Onyx slab stone is composed of limestone and is extracted from layers of this stone. In a way, it can be said that it is considered a soft stone, the coloring of this stone is very attractive and bright. It varies from white to black and with the change in the color and type of light, the appearance and color of onyx changes too. This property of onyx stone makes it an attractive and expensive building stone and of course very exciting. Onyx marble or the ore Iran has many varieties and colors.

All about onyx stone

Stone and its derivatives have been important in human life since long age. One of the types of stones that are used both in the exterior and in the interior decoration of buildings today is called slab stone. We will examine all about Onyx stone further.

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